Dear fans in Mexico

This week we received some messages from Mexico, telling us that you are disappointed not to see us on the Eurojazz Cenart​ lineup this year.

“I thought you would come to the festival Eurojazz 2015. I waited anxiously . :C” – Joseline

We tried very hard to come to Eurojazz again this year, but the Dutch embassy and Cenart have picked a different artist. There is nothing we could do to change that, and are quite disappointed about not being able to perform at Eurojazz this year.

If you want to, you can send a message to the embassy at telling them you want us to come back next year.
You can also post on the Facebook page of the embassy or Cenart telling them that you’d like us to come back next year:

We hope that you enjoy the performances that are programmed this year, we’re sure that there will be a lot of beautiful music.


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