Festival season starting this May

This May, the Amsterdam Saints will be performing at three of the nicest Dutch jazz festivals. Starting off with an intense double bill on May 24th we’ll be playing the Utrechts Jazz Festival and Jazz In Duketown (Den Bosch). On the 31st of May we’re featured at the Meerjazz Festival in Hoofddorp. This is going be loads of funs,  we hope to see all of you there!

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Hello Nord Electro 4D!

I’m proud to introduce you to my newest instrument: The Nord Electro 4D. What great fun I already had in recording some new tunes with it! The reason why I bought this instrument is first of all that I really like the keyboards made by Clavia. In particular because of their great vintage electric piano and organ sounds.

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Moving On

We are very happy to announce that our recent crowdfunding campaign for financing our newest album was an enormous success! Our English speaking fans may have missed some updates on these matters due to the fact that the campaign was ran by a Dutch website. But let’s summarise what’s happened and, more importantly, what’s gonna happen:

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Everything starts with the blues!

Everything starts with the blues!

Hello guys! Let me tell you about how I ended up in this great group the Amsterdam Saints: I grew up in a little town called Helmond, together with my great friend Rob Verbakel (who also happens to be the guitarist of the Amsterdam Saints!). We shared the same high school, and years ago we started a guitar-duo named the ‘Bright Shades’. By playing the blues on every corner of the street and every cafe we could find, we soon became Helmond’s local heroes of 1998. Within a range of 200 meters from the center of Helmond, everybody seemed to know us.
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Our new album, almost there…

Composing. Rehearsing. Studying tricky parts. Rehearsing again. Staying focused during the last take of the day in the recording studio.

Getting a new record out is hard work, but it’s definitely worth the effort! We’re glad to announce that we’re close to getting stuff rounded up. Close enough to tell you it’s gonna be an amazing album, with killer tunes, great playing and top level sound quality. Continue reading Our new album, almost there…