Home of the best Blues, Jazz & Funk from the Netherlands


Explosive guitar solos. Swinging Hammond & Wurlitzer licks. Grooving basslines. And the Funkiest drums.

The Amsterdam Saints are guaranteed to turn every gig into a party to remember. Blending original instrumental tunes with playful improvisation. A perfomance based on joy and enthusiasm.

Fusing the most swinging styles of music into an unique cocktail of vintage grooves, bringing back memories of the sounds of The Meters, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, or John Scofield’s funky explorations.

The Amsterdam Saints are:

Robbie    Rob Verbakel

Rob Verbakel is a bona fide Master of Music, earning the degree after his studies at the conservatories of Utrecht and Maastricht. He has mastered playing guitar in styles ranging from jazz to hardrock, whether it’s playing rhythm or lead parts. If you need a guitarist to go from tapping hardrock licks to playing slide-guitar blues, Rob’s your man! This makes him both a much sought after accompanyist and a popular independent artist.

Rob is a collector of vintage guitars and amplifiers, some of which can be heard on the Amsterdam Saints’ recordings. When he’s not performing he’s usually cooking an impressive variety of Indonesian dishes.

Born    Born Sanders

Born is known in circles as the fastest piano player in town, which may or may not be attributed to his impressive ability to drink copious amounts of Italian coffee. He’s an incredibly diverse musician, able to perform naturally on a wide array of keyboard instruments: Acoustic piano, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes electric piano’s, to name a few. His credentials include a cum laude graduation from the Utrecht conservatory.

Inbetween playing gigs with the Amsterdam Saints he is leading both his own jazz trio, and the tightest showband of the Netherlands. Always grooving with a big smile, it’s no mystery why the other Saints asked him to join the band after the first album had been recorded.

Bakker   Maarten Bakker

Maarten graduated cum laude from the conservatory of Utrecht, next to “doing time” at the conservatories of the Hague and Amsterdam. He’s an eclectic bass player: Supportive but creative. Flexible but solid. Known for his “big ears” and excellent timefeel.

His composing skills can be heard in many Amsterdam Saints tunes, as well as on recordings by many artists. When he’s not acting as the Saints’ spokesperson on stage, he’s often touring around the world being someone’s bass player.

Smid   Willem Smid

Willem is an alumnus of the Amsterdam conservatory. Already during his studies he was becoming one of the most gigging drummers of the Netherlands: His grooving, no-nonsense, but still sensitive style of drumming made him stand out and in high-demand. Being named “runner up” in the 2014 jazz drummers poll of the national drum magazine shows his star is still steadily rising.

And that’s without even mentioning his international reputation. As a rock-solid rhythm section with Maarten, Willem has performed in: Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Poland, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Oman, India, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria!