Everything starts with the blues!

Everything starts with the blues!

Hello guys! Let me tell you about how I ended up in this great group the Amsterdam Saints: I grew up in a little town called Helmond, together with my great friend Rob Verbakel (who also happens to be the guitarist of the Amsterdam Saints!). We shared the same high school, and years ago we started a guitar-duo named the ‘Bright Shades’. By playing the blues on every corner of the street and every cafe we could find, we soon became Helmond’s local heroes of 1998. Within a range of 200 meters from the center of Helmond, everybody seemed to know us.
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Behind the song title – part 1 – Blowjack

Instrumental tunes and song titles, what to do…?

Since we are an instrumental band, we can’t extract a song’s title from it’s lyrics, so we have to come up with something else. Many times people ask us where a certain title is coming from, so let me explain some of them. This is part one of “Behind the song title”.


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Our new album, almost there…

Composing. Rehearsing. Studying tricky parts. Rehearsing again. Staying focused during the last take of the day in the recording studio.

Getting a new record out is hard work, but it’s definitely worth the effort! We’re glad to announce that we’re close to getting stuff rounded up. Close enough to tell you it’s gonna be an amazing album, with killer tunes, great playing and top level sound quality. Continue reading Our new album, almost there…

Home of the best Blues, Jazz & Funk from the Netherlands

Explosive guitar solos. Swinging Hammond & Wurlitzer licks. Grooving basslines. And the Funkiest drums.

The Amsterdam Saints are guaranteed to turn every gig into a party to remember. Blending original instrumental tunes with playful improvisation. A performance based on joy and enthusiasm.

Fusing the most swinging styles of music into an unique cocktail of vintage grooves, bringing back memories of the sounds of The Meters, Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, or John Scofield’s funky explorations.